Metagenomic Shotgun Sequencing

Metagenomic shotgun sequencing targets the entirety of the microbial genetic information contained in an environmental sample. The obtained community taxonomic profile can be further associated with the functional profile of known and unknown organism lineages.

The complete sequences of protein-coding genes and full operons in the sequenced genomes can offer invaluable functional knowledge about the microbial communities inhabiting practical ecosystems under study.

Metagenomic shot gun sequencing may provide genetic information on potentially novel biocatalysts or enzymes, genomic linkages between function and phylogeny for uncultured organisms, evolutionary profiles of community function and composition and much more.

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Data Quality Control
  • Assembly
  • Species annotation
  • Gene prediction
  • Gene annotation
  • Species/Gene/Function abundance statistics and cluster analysis
  • Comparative analysis

(More analysis upon request)


  • Cultivation-independent
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-efficient
  • Provide comprehensive information on community biodiversity and function

Analysis Workflow

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