Single Cell Sequencing

Traditional RNA-Seq methods analyse RNA from an entire population of cells, but only yield a bulk average of the measurement instead of representing each individual cell’s transcriptome. By analysing the transcriptome of a single cell at a time, the heterogeneity of a sample is captured and resolved to the fundamental unit of living organisms-the cell.

Single cell Sequencing allows us to analyse the complexity of biological systems, both within a population and over time, at the single-cell level. It has enabled a detailed and unbiased look at the dynamic process in all its forms.

Bio Basic Asia Pacific Single-Cell RNA-Seq utilizes the latest technology on the market: the 10x Genomics ®Chromium™ system and Illumina® NovaSeq™ 6000.

As an early adopter of these platforms, our optimized workflows maximize project flexibility, speed, and data accuracy.

For bulk expression analysis of samples with picograms of RNA or just a few cells, use our Ultra-Low Input RNA-Seq service.

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